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Welcome to the world of Sieper Studio Kitchens, where we create comfortable home spaces and emphasize the kitchen as the heart of family life.
Cozy, ample, representative.

Our daily task is to design the perfect kitchen for each of our clients, one that matches your lifestyle and home architecture. Timeless and modern, a mix of colors, materials, and design.

We take care of every detail to make your kitchen or interior design project as perfect as possible. That’s why we offer a diverse range of appliances from brands known for their quality.

We Transform Spaces with Interior Design Projects


We start from scratch or enhance what you already have to define your needs. We create plans to implement your idea, including appropriate material selection.


If you want to change the interior of a room in your home without altering its shape, we advise you with suggestions on colors, furniture, details, etc.


We transform your rental or vacation apartment into a pleasant and inviting place where your guests feel at home and want to return.

How Do We Work?


Behind every kitchen are several meetings with surprising ideas. To find the right kitchen, we will have several conversations to determine the desires and needs this space should fulfill.

We start the discussions with a rough plan provided by the client. If you are unsure about the kitchen space, we will briefly visit the property for a personal consultation.


Once the kitchen concept and project are developed, the fun begins. Choose from hundreds of colors, materials, etc., to personalize your kitchen and give it a personal touch.

Once everything is decided and the budget is approved, we provide installation plans and detailed plans for each piece of furniture, infographics, etc.

On-site Measurement and Order Placement

In this step, we visit your home to check if all measurements match the plans, allowing us to place the kitchen order at the factory. We also agree on an estimated installation date with the client.


All kitchen elements will arrive at our warehouses. Once they are there, we will load them for delivery. Our team is responsible for calling the client to confirm delivery and start the installation process, provided the works are finished.

We begin assembling the furniture and proceed with measuring the countertop as quickly as possible. A few days later, the work is completed, and you have the kitchen of your dreams.

Exclusive Representatives of LEICHT Kitchens and Other Brands in Tenerife

We are exclusive representatives of the LEICHT Kitchen brand, one of Europe’s most renowned premium brands, number one in sales in Germany.
Besides LEICHT, we have other brands to meet our customers’ most exclusive and personalized needs, such as MODUS, known for great quality and price efficiency. This ensures we meet all our customers’ requirements.
Somos distribuidores para Canarias de esta reconocida marca española. Tenemos disponible todo el catálogo online de Kave Home.
Ponemos a su disposición las mejores condiciones y servicios para que sus proyectos de interiorismo sean únicos. Dispondrá de todas las facilidades para realizar proyectos increíbles.
También trabajamos con todo tipo de profesionales del sector: desde interioristas o arquitectos, hasta cadenas hoteleras o gestores de propiedades para alquiler.
Le ofrecemos condiciones exclusivas y un acompañamiento personalizado con nuestro excelente servicio al cliente.

We take care of every detail to make your kitchen or interior design project as perfect as possible.

That’s why we offer a diverse range of appliances from brands known for their quality.

More Than 80 Years of Passion for Interior Design

Our kitchen department is integrated into Sieper Constructa, a company with recognition and professional capability, providing us with long-standing and successful experience since 1933 in collaborating with leading brands to improve our customers’ quality of life.

We have a team of professionals, including architects and appraisers, who handle the best projects, advise you, and plan the kitchen of your dreams using our experience.

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Testimonials from our clients

Very friendly and professional attention. They gave me solutions to all my doubts and helped me decide on the decision to choose my new kitchen. I recommend them, for professionalism and for the quality of their products. (Abe Paix)
Excellent advice! After going to several places to find the kitchen of my dreams, I found Sieper and it has been the best choice. I am delighted with my new kitchen. Thanks a lot! (Paula Morales)
Great quality, the girls are very professional and they know how to advise you what you need. After looking for many kitchens, in Sieper they have the best! (Eva Zorazu)

Contact us and let us make the kitchen of your dreams come true!